Du Mardi au Samedi: de 8h à 19h.

Consommation sur place ou à emporter.

An authentic cooking in a friendly frame

David, native of Guérande, invites you to come to discover a creperie as we find them in Brittany. In a friendly frame(executive), the afternoon relaxation with pancakes, crêpes(pancakes), waffles(honeycombs) house, home-made ice creams...

In summer, the patio is a haven of peace.

Situated in a lovely town centre setting, we serve midday lunch from 11.45 am until 14.30pm.


Our lunch menus consists of range of galettes, which are savoury filled buckwheat crepes, a wide choice of pizzas, salads and a selection of meat dishes. For desert there is pancakes, homemade ice cream and some of the sweet delights from our chef patissier

After 14.30pm, our service continues and we offer a mid- afternoon menu consisting of galettes, as above, salads and selection of desserts, As soon as good weather comes, you will be able lunch in our  secluded patio terrace located at the back of the restaurant. 


lettuce, Hot goat cheese on toasts, ham, tomatoes, Bacon, Sechees Tomatoes           

lettuce, chicken, parmesan shavings, tomatoes , ceasar sauce.      
sauce accompanying this salad is with anchovy

lettuce, smoked salmon, asparagus,tomatoes ,chive sauce 


lettuce, tomatoes, smoked local ham, apples, egg, bacon, walnuts, breaded camembert.


Meat Selection

Entrecôte, salad and chips           
Entrecôte, butter maître d’hôtel, salad* and chips

Basil marinade, parmesan shavings, salad* and chips.          
Beef tartare Maison:          
salad* and chips

Portion of chips   

Fresh Perch fillets Meunière style, fries, salad (depending on arrivals)


Chicken Nuggets: 8 chicken nuggets  , french fries, lettuce
Savoyard Burger: Bun, Meat patty, bacon, cheese (reblochon), salad, tomatoes, onions and french fries 

Alpin Burger: Bun, Meat patty, bacon, cheese (reblochon), salad, tomatoes, onions, potato pancake and french fries 

Speciality Savoury Pancakes

Bretonnechitterling sausage Guemene, potatoes*, streaky bacon, onions*.  
chicken, peppers*, red onions*, sieved  tomato, emmental cheese.  

Texane:  minced Steak, emmental cheese, egg, red onion*, ketchup      
: smoked salmon, asparagus*, crème fraiche, chives, lemon*  
eggs, ham, emmental cheese        
Super Complète
: eggs, ham,  emmental cheese, sieved  tomato, cooked mushrooms 
cooked mushrooms*, ham, emmental  cheese, crème fraiche
: courgette*, mushrooms*, artichokes, peppers*, sieved tomato        

Aravisreblochon cheese, potatoes*, streaky bacon, crème fraiche  
Auvergnatesaint-nectaire cheese, ham, sieved tomato, courgettes*, olive oil     

Bergèregoats cheese, streaky bacon, pine kernels           
: roquefort cheese, pears, streaky bacon, walnuts         

Montagnarderaclette cheese, potatoes, smoked local ham,     

Our Pizzas

Alpage: tomato, mozzarella, raclette cheese, potatoes*, local ham, onions* 

Calzone: tomato, mozzarella, ham,  mushrooms*, lettuce*.       

Caprine: tomato, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, honey, streaky bacon, olive oil     
tomato, mozzarella, peppers*, chorizo, onions*, olives          
4 Fromages
tomato, mozzarella, goats cheese, reblochon cheese, olives, oregano          
tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms*, olives       
tomato, mozzarella, artichokes, peppers*, courgettes*, mushrooms*, oregano   


Our White Pizza

Pâturagecrème fraiche, mozzarella, reblochon cheese, mushrooms*, ham, eggs, olives                   

Tartiflette: crème fraiche, mozzarella, reblochon cheese, potatoes*, streaky bacon, onions*   

Océane: crème fraiche, mozzarella, salmon, mushrooms*, olives.        


Sweet Pancakes


Butter and sugar                    

Soft brown sugar

Chocolate maison    

Chocolate maison  and almonds  

Chocolate maison with toasted coconut

Chocolate maison with marmalade 

Chocolate maison with bananas        


Nutella with bananas

Lemon juice 

Honey and lemon                 

Homemade salted caramel

Homemade salted caramel with whipped cream

Chestnut cream

Maple syrup                 

Jam: Strawberry, marmalade, blueberry, apricot, raspberry 


Pancakes Dessert

Minthé: chocolate maison , mint ice cream and whipped cream.                         
Verger: chocolate maison, pear, pera sorbet and whipped cream.                         

Forêt Noirechocolate maison, morello cherries,  vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.         
caramelised apples*, caramel ice cream salted and whipped cream.        
: caramel butter, salted, vanilla maison ice cream and whipped cream.

Musa: banana, chocolate, coconut ice cream, toasted coconut and whipped cream

Pancakes Flambee

Grand Marnier: pancake, sugar, flambee with  grand marnier. 
Fleur de Pommierpancake caramelised apples*, cider apple ice cream, flambée with calvados. 
Vesoupancake, banana, chocolat, coconut ice cream. flambée  with rhum.  


Maison Desserts

See list on blackboard 

Café Gourmand   

Thé Gourmand    

Ice Cream

Chocolat liégeois2  dark chocolat , 1 vanilla, hot chocolat maison, whipped cream     

Mont Billiat: 1 caramel salted, 1 pear 1 chocolate, caramel sauce salted  maison, whipped cream    
Café liégeois2 coffee, 1  vanilla, coffee maison, whipped cream         
Dame blanche: 3 vanilla, hot chocolate maison, whipped cream.                     
Poire belle hélène:
1 vanilla, 2 pears, pear pieces, hot chocolate maison, whipped cream.        
Cornettes de Bises: 1 tropical fruit , 1 rum raisin, 1 coconut, caramel cream maison, whipped cream  
Dent d’Oche3 fresh mint, hot chocolate maison, whipped cream.      

Dôme du Goûter1 peanut brittle, 1 strawberry, 1 raspberry, red fruit puree maison, whipped cream         

Mont Blanc: 3 vanilla, chestnut cream, whipped cream.        
Crêts des Brottets: 3  lime, vodka.         

Pic Boré: 3 apple soaked in cider, calvados.
Roc de Tavaneuve: 3  rum raisin, rum.    


Crèmes Glacées :     vanilla, coffee, chocolate,rum raisin,coconut, peanut brittle, caramel salted, pistachio, strawberry

Sorbets :  pear, blackcurrant, fresh mint, raspberry, tropical fruit, lime,